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Welcome to Morristown Wildcats Football and Cheerleading Club

The Morristown Wildcats Football and Cheerleading programs help children and their families enjoy the football experience every time they step on a field.

Our Mission is to develop the premier fundamentals-based youth football program in Morris County, teaching sportsmanship, integrity, academic achievement and football skills/techniques while developing outstanding student athletes.

Our football and cheerleading programs are a resource for coaches and players, helping everyone promote a positive experience for all participants. 

Participants must rent or pay taxes in Morristown, Morris Twp. or Morris Plains in order to participate in the Wildcats program. If there is a question regarding your residency, proof of residency will be required. A Morristown mailing address DOES NOT qualify. Harding residents must play for Madison.

PROGRAM CRITERIA (2013-2014 School Year)
PROGRAM CRITERIA (2015-2016 School Year)
FLAG:  Kindergarten through 3rd grade

 3rd graders have the option to play flag or tackle with the 4th grade players.
If a 3rd grade parent opts to have their child play with the 4th grade, they will repeat play at the 4th grade level the following year.  
TACKLE:  3rd grade through 8th grade
CHEERLEADING:  2nd grade through 8th grade


FLAG: $150            CHEER: $100 (2nd-3rd grade)       TACKLE:  $225
CHEER: $150 (4th-8th grade)

posted 09/07/2013


  • Have fun and play safe.
  • Every child learns the game and every child plays in the games.
  • Respect for your parents, the referees, coaches, and other players.
  • Academics before athletics - finish your homework before practice.
  • Come back next year!
Morristown Wildcats Football Club
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